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The Clover Field by ShroudLord The Clover Field :iconshroudlord:ShroudLord 14 0 Nature's Rough Embrace by ShroudLord Nature's Rough Embrace :iconshroudlord:ShroudLord 4 0
Atheism's Sting
Like a clockwork box, the universe ticks
Creating existence and other such tricks,
Like self-aware substance , with feelings, which cry
For a meaningful maker which logic denies,
So as time passes on the new will decay
Corrupting all hopes without a delay,
For choice just becomes a material thing
Without any meaning, without any sting.
:iconshroudlord:ShroudLord 1 10
Red River Moss by ShroudLord Red River Moss :iconshroudlord:ShroudLord 3 0 More Flowers by ShroudLord More Flowers :iconshroudlord:ShroudLord 2 1
Sunny Days
Oh the grand feeling of a day of work done,
It’s time to relax and just have some fun,
To grab tennis shoes or pick up a book,
And run to the park, or your favorite nook,
To leave all behind, the fears of the day,
And let the world go, and be as it may,
So kick back, or kick ball just do as you please
And breath the free air, with no hidden fees
:iconshroudlord:ShroudLord 1 0
Polen Flower by ShroudLord Polen Flower :iconshroudlord:ShroudLord 1 0 Rainy Day Flower by ShroudLord Rainy Day Flower :iconshroudlord:ShroudLord 8 3
Serenity in peace, simplicity
Serenity in peace, simplicity in mind,
All other feelings, I have left behind.
No more is the rage, the hatred, or guilt,
Gone is the sword, which I grasped by the hilt.
All the dark nights, are now sunny days,
And though gloom may come, a light always stays.
In that pure holy light is where I’ll reside,
Until I meet God, on the day that I die.
:iconshroudlord:ShroudLord 1 4
A knife so sharp, of tempered
A knife so sharp, of tempered steel,
To keep me up, and make me feel.
To feel a thing, hard to explain,
A sweet release from all the pain.
The emotions flow in crimson tide,
From every vein where they reside.
And for a second peace, then nevermore.
:iconshroudlord:ShroudLord 5 4


The Sound Of Silence by NanFe The Sound Of Silence :iconnanfe:NanFe 1,660 67 Homunculus Store by AldoK Homunculus Store :iconaldok:AldoK 1,954 48 Sacrifice by wlop Sacrifice :iconwlop:wlop 13,828 187 The Death. by c0-0kies The Death. :iconc0-0kies:c0-0kies 530 54 Alien by DominiquevVelsen Alien :icondominiquevvelsen:DominiquevVelsen 1,492 47 the eye by MartinAmm the eye :iconmartinamm:MartinAmm 313 26 Motorbike Cyberpunk by ptitvinc Motorbike Cyberpunk :iconptitvinc:ptitvinc 2,553 130
Nix Beats
All you angel headed hipsters. Look how far you've fallen.
You flew too close to the moon, didn't you? For so long you were lifted up by soothing walking baselines and crooning saxophones intermingled with the rusty whirring thoughts of the rejects who loved you. You were underdogs who scavenged the streets for their next hit and abandoned the unis where students scrawled formulaic villanelles and had to be scared into realizing that sex was actually a thing people had.
Your starry dynamo sputtered and crashed and burned under the pressure, yet you survived.
You survived long enough to get the masses to agree with you. They saw your ecstasy-induced visions of technicolor and decided to reflect them in their rainbow hair and tacky jewelry, to mark themselves from the rest of the sheeple with fleecy flannels and problem glasses, and to write poetry. Just like you.
Well, I say poetry, but it isn't really. Not anymore. It's a political manifesto wrapped up in histrionics baked in narcissis
:iconlifeofsherman:LifeOfSherman 85 42
Deep set by ElenaDudina Deep set :iconelenadudina:ElenaDudina 4,614 543 Into the Azure by ChrisCold Into the Azure :iconchriscold:ChrisCold 1,664 45 The Burning Man by ChrisCold The Burning Man :iconchriscold:ChrisCold 1,702 35 retired by totorrl retired :icontotorrl:totorrl 6,817 171 Autumn Stag by Lucky978 Autumn Stag :iconlucky978:Lucky978 4,947 125 w2 - Melancholy by Sugarflesh w2 - Melancholy :iconsugarflesh:Sugarflesh 1,093 126 She looks like a bat under the sunshine. by CountessViceosa She looks like a bat under the sunshine. :iconcountessviceosa:CountessViceosa 169 32 Incoming by Thuberchs Incoming :iconthuberchs:Thuberchs 862 45




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